Short Hairstyles in 2013

Famous Short Hairstyles

Through the years, many short hairstyles have been made popular by simply appearing on famous people. Even before the 1960ís, when Vidal Sassoon created the famous Bob haircut, women were experimenting with shorter hairstyles that also appeared feminine. It was also during this time that men were fighting for the right to wear their hair longer. While thatís rather a dichotomy of sorts, the short hairstyles won out more and more.

Many celebrities have started famous short hairstyles just by getting their own hair cut in a certain way. In the 60ís, the model, Twiggy, had her own unique hairstyle as well as her signature stick figure appearance, and donít forget those eyes with painted in lower lashes. Many teenage girls and young adult women immediately set about copying not only Twiggyís haircut but her eye makeup as well. The 70ís brought us Olympic Ice Skating Champion, Dorothy Hamillís famous wedge haircut. This cut served a lot of purposes. It was convenient and easy to maintain, considering what Dorothyís profession was. The wedge was also feminine even while being short. A worldwide famous short hairstyle was introduced in the early 1980ís by Diana Spencer, later known as Diana, Princess of Wales. This hairstyle was short, but had full bangs swept across her forehead. Many women adopted this haircut to the point of it being seen on someone everywhere you went.

Famous Short Hairstyles - katie hols

In more recent years, there has been the revival of both the Bob and the Pixie haircuts. Actress Katie Holmes had her once long hair cut into a fashionable Bob following her marriage to Tom Cruise and birth of her daughter, Siri. Victoria Beckham, ex-Spice Girl Posh, has her hair cut into a version of a Pixie and a Bob. It has even been dubbed the Pob from a combination of Bob and Posh. Alyssa Milano, from the TV series Charmed, went through many hairstyle changes, one of them being a very short version of the Pixie.

Victoria Beckham

Not to leave out the men, famous men such as Brad Pitt, David Boreanaz, Keanu Reeves, David Beckham, and Lenny Kravitz, to name a few, have all made their mark with the different variations of hairstyles they have each sported over the years. Currently, all of these famous men are wearing short hairstyles that are not only stylish and versatile, but easily maintained for these men on the go. All of these haircuts can be spiced up a little by just dipping into the gel or mousse for a bit of spiking here and there. Lennyís latest haircut is a very close to the head style which looks nice, but doesnít really leave a lot of room to do different things to it. It is, however, a very easily cared for hairstyle and always looks great at a momentís notice.

Hairstylists are always trying to find that new and exciting new haircut. With so many of them having already been tried and modified, itís a bit hard to find something that is completely new. But with some imagination and great hair products, the tried and true short hairstyles can still work for you. Itís just a matter of finding the one that suits you the best. | Short Hair for 2013