Short Hairstyles in 2013

The Layering and Coloring of Short Hair: The Beautiful Effects of Doing so

One of the best ways to gain understanding of a short cut complimented by layering and coloring is to examine the world’s favorite stars and their signature looks. These are the models you watch and pay attention to know what the new styles are today.
More and more celebrities are seen sporting a bob unique to their style. From extremely short to just above the shoulders, these looks work due to the layering and coloring executed by their stylists.

People with round faces may want to be careful with a bob and stick to a very classic cut, adding highlights to frame the face. The more modern bob may, in fact, cause the face to appear more round than oval. The highlights and down lights on this particular cut can create an aura of glamour from yesterday that is hard to resist. Look to Nicole Richie who, as a new mother, has adopted the most wash and wear bob of them all. This classic look on Nicole not only compliments her look but also her busy mommy lifestyle.

The Layering and Coloring of Short Hair: The Beautiful Effects of Doing so

The pixie hair style worn exclusively by Jamie Lee Curtis is a bold study in layering and coloring of short hairstyles. With this dramatic and bold cut, look at how the angles of the cut play off the Hollywood lights, and sparkle in Jamie’s eyes. Suited best for oval and heart shaped faces, this hairstyle makes coloring easy to apply as there is no guessing at what is going to bring out the strongest feature. Whether it is the eyes, cheek bones or lips, the pixie will do its magic by layering the sides to suit the individual client. Take Rihanna, who has the same basic cut as Jamie’s. However, the look is totally different on each of them. The choppiness of her cut is a wonderful testament to her youth and vitality. The mystery of her layering parlays well into her total package of style. No additional coloring is needed here as the light plays itself off the well executed angles of this cut.

In order to make the most of the layering and coloring of your short hair do, keeping it in tip top condition is a must. Visit your stylist every 4 weeks, no later than 6. Perform a deep conditioning treatment once a week. Kitchen ingredients are wonderful and nurturing. Research some homemade recipes and have fun glamorizing your style and getting your shine on! Color needs care so look at updating your shampoo and conditioner. Many are now formulated even for your specific color!

Perhaps Pink, the rock star, pulls off the short look with color the best. Shocking pink or platinum blonde, she works the look from head to toe. Punky and edgy, she takes the angles to a new sharpness. Using some volume promoting products, you, too, can get your pink on. Don’t forget to use a little wax to really shine up the ends of the hair and get that trademark curl close to the face. Cropped a little closer to the face is the current trend, then layered and stacked in back to produce an uplifting take.

Whatever way you choose to style your short hair, remember to always have fun with it. Your color and highlight choices are limitless today. There is no reason to not make the most of all that is available to you in creating your own individual look. | Short Hair for 2013