Short Hairstyles in 2013

The Latest Trends in Short Hairstyles for Men

A short hairstyle can be a classic choice for a man, yet it doesn't always have to be conservative. The right haircut will depend on the personality of the individual, as well as your hair type. Some may prefer to try out a more daring look, while others will want a sleek, low-maintenance crop. The following are some of today's hottest trends in men's short hairstyles.

The Caesar

This Roman style is a perennial favourite. It was popular about a decade ago when worn by George Clooney and Russell Crow, but has recently been revived yet again. This is a conservative, low-maintenance cut that's best for straight to wavy hair. It doesn't need any product to pull off, with hair cropped extremely close to the head.

Prohibition Style

The Roaring 20's are back in a big way at the moment, and this is reflected in both men's and women's short hairstyles. This look may be trendy, but it's still masculine enough for a corporate environment. To achieve this hairstyle, the barber will keep the sides as short as possible, with hair left a bit longer on top. This works best with straight hair and can be kept in place with gel.

Mini Pompadour

If you're looking for a trendy yet functional short hairstyle that will get you noticed, you may choose to get a mini pompadour. This has been seen on everyone from David Beckham to Justin Bieber. At least six centimetres are left on top, with hair on the sides being cut from a short to medium length. The top hair is then blow-dried straight up and back for body.

Shaved on the Sides

Also known as the Skrillex haircut, this look is the most adventurous of the list and is perfect for those wanting an edgy look. The Skrillex haircut is shaved on the sides and left quite long on top. It's versatile because you can sweep the long hair over to cover the shaved area, or use product to build it up sky-high.
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