Short Hairstyles in 2013

Short Hair Styles for Girls

One of the most famous short styles still around today is the pixie. Full of style and just right for a little girl who cannot be bothered with hair care, this cut is versatile enough for the adult woman also. Tailored to any time or circumstance in life, a good pixie cut can carry you through morning until night in a simple and stylish manner. They are, of course, styled close to the head and created to be short. Hair can be left longer in the back or at the sides of the head. A pixie is fun to custom design with color. For those who wish to minimize the shock of going gray, the cut will do that. For the younger wearer, highlights and down lights can really play up the individualís energy and verve. When you think of pixie, think of Victoria Beckham who recently went as short as pixie can go. No one will argue, though, that she can pull it off in the most brilliant sexy way. You can too, if you just give it a try.

Short Hair Styles for Girls - posh spice

The short bob is also a classic sexy way to go short with a side sweep that will keep them guessing what you are, too! The flirtatious style of this cut keeps it fresh and current. For a more grownup and sophisticated look, combine the bob with a blunt cut. Keep it super straight and smooth. The bob is sometimes termed a gateway cut. This basic hairstyle can be dressed up or down, depending on your mood and what you wish to convey to the world. Side swept bangs, or a fringe to frame your face, the options are endless as you decide how you to want to get your groove on.

For a longer short look than the pixie, there is the resurgence in the page boy cut. It is a super sexy sweeping style that has more or less been reintroduced by Tom Cruiseís wife, Katie Holmes. Check it out and notice how this style accentuates her eyes, while drawing attention away from her chin. This is the ultimate example in creating an oval illusion to a round face. It is a great cut when you wish to eliminate split ends and give your hair a reason to feel stimulated while promoting re-growth.

Then, there is the short messy and sexy shag cut. A sexy short shag requires very little styling to look amazing day to day. Itís chic and easy to wear. This is considered to be the most wash and wear style out there, and you can expect to see much of this haircut heading into the spring styling events. For the trendy woman, a bold and funky attitude is about all that is required to carry off this look with confidence. Obtaining a sexy short shag style will require many layers that will frame your face. A few in the back will add to the volume and keep the look consistent. Think of the fabulous Lisa Rinna dancing for her life with that sexy aura emanating truly from the top of her head! This may make you decide if one of these short styles is for you. | Short Hair for 2013