Short Hairstyles in 2013

Short Hairstyles for Men

As a man, choosing a short hairstyle sometimes just makes more sense than trying to care for a longer style. There are many ways to fashion a great short hairstyle on a man, and you should explore all of your most flattering options before making a final decision. These short hairstyles for men have more variations than just the ones that are tapered on the sides and back of the head, so you should not limit yourself to just one choice.

Methods of cutting hair short on men now include razor cutting and chipping. These are used for many different effects in the overall finished look. Shorter hairstyles for men can be created to be very short crop type haircuts. If you would rather have a bit more hair, you may choose a uniform cut. For the look of still MORE hair, there are many top-heavy styles you can choose.

There are several benefits to having shorter hairstyles for men. One of the biggest ones is convenience. Short hair is faster to style and maintain, making it easier to keep it looking the way you want. This comes in especially handy for men who have very curly or “wild” hair, as shorter cuts can make your hair appear to be straight. Many times dryness and flaking of the scalp is caused by having long hair and not getting all of the shampoo rinsed out. Therefore, if you are prone to having a dry and flaky scalp, shorter hair is probably best for you.

When you are ready to have your hair cut short, you really need to find a professional stylist to do it for you. They are trained to help you find something that suits the shape of your face as well as your hair type. Shaping is very important when you are getting a short haircut and the best person to get that part right is someone who has been professionally trained.

You may have some members of your family, or some friends, who fancy themselves to be hair stylists. This is something you want to avoid. Many men have had the misfortune of trying to save money or letting a friend or family member show off their “talents.” They usually ended up having to go pay more money to a professional stylist than they would have if they had just gone there in the first place.

When you are ready to have your hair cut shorter, there are a couple of things to remember. Your stylist will most likely already know these things to look for, but it is helpful if you are also aware of them. If you have been “blessed” with naturally curly hair, do not allow it to be either razor cut or thinned out. These techniques only prove to make your already curly hair even curlier, and it will be harder to control as it grows longer again.

Another thing that too many men forget to do when having their hair cut into a short style is to choose something that matches their personality. If you are sort of a “wild child,” you may want to go with a short spiky style to show that you are a unique individual who loves to have fun. You can also experiment with different hair colors to make the overall effect even more your own. A more sedate personality, or professional look, should have a calmer style, as in a neatly combed effect.

Whatever you decide when getting a short hairstyle, the end result needs to be something you are happy and comfortable with. Don’t do something that you feel isn’t for you just because others are doing it, or pressuring you to go along with the crowd. You are a unique individual and your haircut should reflect just that. | Short Hair for 2013