Short Hairstyles in 2013

Styling Short Hair for Social Occasions

Women who choose to wear short hairstyles may seem to be somewhat limited in what they can do when it comes to “dressing up” their hair. While this may be true to an extent, there are still many different ways to style shorter hair for social occasions. It really depends on the length and style of the hairdo as to how many options you will have.

A nice dressy looking hairstyle for a member of the wedding party, or even just a guest, can be created from a curling iron and some ribbon. This works best for a medium short hairstyle or one that has longer hair on top. Simply use the curling iron to make some random curls throughout your hair. Don’t brush or comb them out. Just leave them the way they fall. Next, take the ribbon strands that you have chosen and weave them through the curls, pinning them in place with small bobby pins. If you are creative, there are small artificial flowers that you can buy and attach to the ribbons. It’s a lovely look that makes you seem to have small flowers flowing through your hair, much like a wood nymph or fairy.

Styling Short Hair for Social Occasions

If you have a short hair style that has a significant amount of hair on top of your head, either electric curlers or a curling iron will work wonders. You have the choice of creating loose curls, or tighter ones for the impression of long hair that has been swept up in a hairdo. This particular style can be left unadorned or your favorite decoration can be added to glamorize it a bit.

For an extremely short hairstyle, curling it may be out of the question. However, that does not mean you can’t have an exciting hairdo for a special occasion. Be a little daring and add some spikiness to the top of your hair, and possibly also to the sides. Just a bit of gel or mousse added to your hair will hold it in place nicely. Next, take some hair glitter and sprinkle it until you get the right look. You can choose a color to match what you are wearing, or simply use a silver color. Your hair will look as if it has raindrops or snowflakes in it. Tuck a single flower, either real or silk, behind your ear and pin it in place. This will give you a magical look that everyone is going to notice and admire.

Many short hairstyles must rely on accessories in order to dress up. There is one style for short hair that can be glamorous and sophisticated all on its own. It is very simple and you will need the use of some good hair gel to keep it all in place. The hair is basically “slicked back” off of the face and forehead. All parts of your hair will need to be put behind your ears as well. It gives the appearance of having long hair that has been pulled into a bun even though this isn’t the case. This hairstyle works well for dressy occasions especially when impressive earrings and necklace are added to the look.

If you are not used to styling your own short hair for special occasions, a visit to your hair stylist is the answer. You can also learn while you are there by watching just the way your hair is styled. In this way, you will be able to try it at home another time. With the right styling aids and accessories, your short hairstyle can blossom into something amazing. | Short Hair for 2013